Applied Engineering

Applied Engineering Department

Experienced Sales Engineers know the right questions to ask which is the basis for a successful job. Midwest Engineering spends the time necessary to understand their products and the solutions they provide. This hands on approach allows for an accurate quote without a lot of wasted questions.
Proof of Concept is typically the hardest part of designing a solution for a customer. Midwest has a natural advantage in that the products they integrate are often supplied from the manufacturer they distribute. Being able to grab components off of the “demo shelf” and test it at our job shop is unique. Video capture and supplied pictures or drawings quickly convey our plans for a successful job.
During the process of a panel build or integration job our personnel use today’s technology to simple take pictures of job status forward directly to the customer. Time is set aside for review of the progress. This eliminates waste and ensures customer expectation upon delivery.

Midwest Engineering works hard to provide solutions that add value to our customers. This simple concept has blossomed into a business unit that supplies custom solutions:

• Small turnkey design and build solutions
• Plug and Play panels for easy installation
• On-site test and programming