Panel Shop

With our experienced sales engineers, we know the right questions to ask to get the job done correctly. Midwest Engineering takes the necessary time to understand their products and customers. This allows for solutions to be found quickly with an accurate quote.
While proof of concept can often be the most difficult part of the solution and design process, Midwest has a natural advantage. The products we integrate are also products we distribute, allowing us to pull stock and engineer in our shop. This gives us a quick way to take videos or pictures of the solutions we find.
During the process of a panel build or integration job, our personnel use today’s technology to update our customers directly with pictures and videos. Time is set aside for review of the progress of the job with feedback from the customer. This eliminates waste and ensures customer expectation upon delivery.

Midwest Engineering works hard to provide solutions that add value to our customers. This simple concept has blossomed into a business unit that supplies custom solutions:

• Small turnkey design and build solutions
• Plug and Play panels for easy installation
• On-site test and programming



PGW Breakers
PGW Terminals
PGW Layout